“Dr. Charles Smith has opened his remarkable storehouse of memories and revealed a treasury of experiences which will be a blessing to all those who read them.  A superb student of human nature, he has captured for posterity glimpses, some intimate and some not so intimate, of humanity moving along the ladders of life.  There are valuable lessons to be plucked out of this fascinating, generous collection from a true leader’s existence.”

– Winfield Dunn, Tennessee Governor 1971-75


“Charles Smith provides a simple but eloquent analysis of leadership in a variety of real-life situations.  Personal and value-oriented to the core, his description of leadership challenges he faced in his distinguished career offers guidance to those who aspire to lead no matter their field of endeavor.  This book is a unique and invaluable contribution to management literature.”

– Archie Dykes, former chancellor, University of Kansas, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, University of Tennessee at Martin


“Many successful leaders talk about putting their history into print, but few deliver.  Charles Smith is a notable exception.  With publication of this book, he has reached into his memory and put on the public record a half-century of experience gained and lessons learned.  From the day I met Smith, I was impressed with his credentials and professional experience.  However, until I read his book, I had no idea of the depth and richness of his journey to the top of three professions.  While technically an autobiography, his story is imbedded in a context of multiple lessons learned from pivotal events in his life.   Rich anecdotes throughout the book add meaning, humor, and substance.  In short, Smith’s life has a certain storybook quality that he captures well.”

– Darv Winick, Former chairman of the National Assessment Governing Board (Policy Maker for The Nation’s Report Card)